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"I'm not going to lie, my goals were purely aesthetic. I have always been relatively fit, but I knew I had a few pounds of fat I just couldn't shift. Training with Marc three times per week, getting my steps in and following his nutrition advice, finally I have that coveted bikini bridge and thigh gap I used to only see on Instagram"

- Kate A.

Model, Business Owner, Mum


"I was recommended Marc by a friend who'd dropped 10 pounds in five weeks and then progressed with him onto a lean strength training strategy. I had similar goals to her, so I reached out. I love the sessions. The boxing drills in particular are so much fun, and Marc has a great way of motivating me to do some of the resistance type work, which I naturally find harder. It's only been four weeks so far and I am down 7 pounds on the scale. I'm also pretty sure he is training me to become a ninja :)"

- Jane R.

Marketing Executive


"When I heard Marc's exercise and nutrition plan for me, it seemed the opposite of everything I thought I knew. For years I had been training hard, mainly cardio, 5-6 times per week (alongside a crazy work schedule) and meal planning 4-5 dishes per day. Marc had me reduce my workouts to just 3 times per week, boxing and weight training, implement intermittent fasting, eating just 2 simple and utterly delicious meals per day, and in 12 weeks I was down 20 pounds on the scale, whilst looking and feeling stronger. I have much more time back, not to mention energy"

- Mike B.

CEO Corporate Finance


"I gained one pound on the scale in the first two weeks. The opposite of what I was expecting. I asked Marc about this. He explained that because I had gone from relatively sedentary, exercise wise (I had only been playing tennis once per week), to resistance training 2-3 times per week, whilst fat burning was inevitable, so was an increase in bone density and muscle mass (all the things we want!). Hence the initial gain on the scale. He asked me how my clothes fitted. Looser I replied. He asked me how I looked in the mirror. Better I replied. Another six weeks on and I'm now down 8 pounds, as the initial lean mass increase has stabilised and I am torching fat, left, right and centre. We have also incorporated lots of stop start drills and core rotation exercises, both of which have greatly improved my tennis game. I'm very happy"

Nick R.

Executive Search Entrepreneur


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