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The Static Freefall:

Danni Levy, Editor-in-chief of M&H, reached out to me through photographer Simon Howard, whom I'd worked with previously for my own fitness and lifestyle shoots. She'd come across the photo below, which later became the centre fold of their Mike Tyson print edition, and she was keen to know more. Well, it's my signature move that I work into each of my own workouts, to develop strength, flexibility and postural alignment. Or maybe I really am just hanging out at the gym


Magic FM's Morning Show with presenter Nick Snaith

10-week body transformation:

I worked with Nick over an initial 10-week period as part of a segment we featured on Magic FM's Morning Show. I trained Nick just 3 times per week, set his daily calorie goal based on target weight, and ensured he hit his step count. With fortnightly live on air checkins, his final result was 18 pounds weight loss, over 4% body fat percentage drop, a more toned and muscular physique, enhanced cardiovascular, and some awesome boxing skills to ice the proverbial cake

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