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About Chelsea Personal Trainer
aka Marc Bartlett

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I see a constant work in progress, the daily opportunity to improve...

To become a much stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier version of myself.

It isn't easy... knowledge, structure and perseverance are fundamental to success


I've spent nearly 20 years as a freelance Personal Trainer, assisting clients in their own fitness journeys, creating body transformations that visually impress, yet also transcend what they see physically reflected... changes that impact every facet of their personal, work and family lives

Based throughout London's Chelsea, Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Richmond, I offer exclusive personal training services, accommodating private 1-2-1 sessions within the comfort and security of my clients' homes. Space is not an issue... some have gyms, others slide their coffee table aside

Workouts incorporate boxing / martial arts focus pad drills for cardio, core strength and fatloss benefits, as well as bodyweight resistance training, HIIT circuits, flexibility and mobility work. Sessions are bespoke and tailored to each individual, their age, gender and current fitness level

Results, convenience, overall experience and personal security are assured... as a DBS approved ex-SIA close protection operative, I am also in a unique position to offer my clients peace of mind, ensuring that they trust me implicitly with their well-being and their personal safety

I ensure that every client, HNW / VIP or otherwise, is respected in their privacy at all times. Frequently requested to sign NDAs, I am fully appreciative of how important discretion is, especially when training private minded individuals within their own home environment

Educated to Masters degree level at top London Universities, with an initial focus on psychology, I am perfectly positioned to offer a holistic multifaceted approach to coaching sessions. I have always found that mind and body unification is the best way to obtain long lasting results

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